Blues Kitchen Who Are We?

Who Are We?

Blues Kitchen Gourmet Blues Band

Giavana Neff; lead vocals, Jim Neff; lead guitar, Rick de la Torre; drums, and Bud Bonamo; bass.


Giavana Neff, Jim Neff, Rick de la Torre and former band member, David Thompson, came together as friends and formed the band Dave's Kitchen in 2013. They were musically from different backgrounds but settled on playing the Blues, a style they all love. They officially changed their name to Blues Kitchen in 2017. During that year it was discovered that David Thompson was to have hand surgery. Due to the long rehabilitation that was required he decided not to rejoin the band. David moved on to a new project in later in 2017. We wish him nothing but success in his new endeavors. Bud Bonamo was later added as our bassman.

Giavana Neff

Gi is a gifted, versatile and passionate lead vocalist. She adapts her unique style to send powerful and punchy lyrics from the front line. Controlling diverse styles from blues and standard ballads to Country, Motown, Blues and Rock, she is becoming one of San Diego's most tempered vocal professionals.

Jim Neff

Jim plays a compelling lead guitar that engages the bands bluesy style. He provides a dynamic rhythm along with creative improvised leads.

Bud Bonamo

Bud provides a sturdy bass for the band and locks tight with with drummer, Rick de la Torre.

Rick de la Torre

Rick's solid and enthusiastic drumming is the backbone of the band.

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